If you don’t smile when you see this then i’m assuming you’re a devil child and have no soul 

Omg! This is everything! I miss this! BABY FEVER!!!!

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Yaaaaaaaas they had a baby

Awwww!!! Looks just like his daddy. 😍😍😍

She’s almost a year old isn’t she?

I saw a couple of pics of them when she was pregnant so I knew they had a baby. She is cute and she does look just like him.

She’s a doll !

she is a doll and she does look like her daddy

Omg I love his wife though?? She’s so low key fly? Why does everyone sleep on her so much though??

That last comment is so important

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Sauti Sol - Still The One

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My Aunt baby-wearing my niece.

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there are millions of black men living like they have already died. living dead men.

El Hajj Malik said that he lived like a man who had already died, therefore he feared no man. El Hajj Malik lived this way but he knew it and he channeled it effectively

the difference is that most of these niggas dont know they are dead already

wake the fuck up. now

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CR Fashion Book Issue #5

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For my Daughter#LOVE

I would love to own this.

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دیگران را ببخش، نه به خاطر اینکه لایق بخششند، به خاطر اینکه تو لایق آرامشی

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. 

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in all reality as hard as this is for me and as hard as it will end up being especially once the baby is born. I think breaking up with Mohamed is the best overall decision for both of us( me and baby). He isn’t the man i thought he was and this pregnancy has revealed so many things i would never have thought he was capable of. My parents know they accepted it and they promised to help take care of the baby. That relationship hasn’t been a healthy one in years and i am not willing to let my child endure that kind of mistreatment. Just please pray for me that everything will end up as best as it can.



these might be the two greatest photos ever taken

^^ I agree

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