listen to me

if you’re a Black girl you don’t have to be light-skinned to be successful

you don’t have to be skinny

you don’t have to be small

you don’t have to be thick

you don’t have to be pretty

you don’t have to have a thin nose

or thin lips

or long hair

or wavy hair

or “good hair”

boys don’t have to like you

I’m writing this to remind you

that you don’t have to be anything

to get what you want

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used to be. way back when we were still dating 

i need to vent real quick!

How the hell is it at 24 years old this man is so childish that he fears the lightest of admissions. Like you finally seating down and having a conversation with me will kill you, like you telling me the truth will destroy your masculinity! Nigga you and i both know you love me or at least are close to it. We’ve been playing this game for a really long time and now the game is fucking over for me, all i ask is that you grow the hell up and meet me halfway. You wanna stay on this we just friends but you mine and i get to have you whenever i want you and no one else can have you cuz i need you but nah we ain’t serious or nothing. like what the fuck i refused to start this again with you till you grow up, find me when you ready till then call your little white girls to silence your demons!

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I’m naked
I’m numb
I’m stupid
I’m staying
And if Cupid’s got a gun, then he’s shootin

he said, peace, love and black power

we on the, yes lawd we gonna follow

(shit slipped in my head when i was reading dude’s FAQ, now i can’t stop. it rhymes!!!!)